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Vivid dreams.


We are all young, wild and free. Chase the sun, and decide your own destiny. You are the sole author of your book of life. 

love, M

Espresso fix at Plan B.


I guess it's almost one of the last afternoons I could spend with my all time two favorite ladies - mom and sis. My mother and I always share the same love for coffee, while my sis enjoys her milkshakes/ coco for children (hahaha!). The heat of Plan B has settled down finally, I remember how Foursquare's overwhelmed with P.B's check-ins months ago. There're not many coffees that I can actually find fantastic, but for Plan B's, it's a definite ohm ohm. Not only the aroma's much stronger than any usual coffees, the coffee tastes really genuine and... sexy! The problem with most Lattes is that the milk portion is a bit too much, prolly because it's cheap. Plan B's Latte comes in small amount, but precious for its every drop! 

I think their food's not bad too! I love the vietnamese noodle they serve :) If you consider trying, do visit  the Bangsar branch! I think it's the best among all. 

Macadamia brownie you'll think every midnight. 

All in all, it's a very wonderful afternoon with 'em. Would certainly miss moments like this! 

love, M


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It takes me a really long time to add words to a picture, because I always find it a trouble to get the perfect position. Anyway, just enjoy these four for tonight. To view my complete typography collection, click here.

One of the typography creators I really love is Zyen. Her skills are seriously beyond amazing! I always get impressed by the way she plays with fonts - simple, beautiful, meaningful. Wish I could be like her someday! :) That needs a lot of practices and determination I guess :) 

love, M

Hippie-inspired Shoot.


I'm clearing off my shooting list, so today I decided to give hippie a try. Being a lazy girl means getting average pictures - I do agree there's nothing new in this post. It'd look so much better being done outdoor, with more props like guitar, tribal clothes and all. Speaking of tribal outfits, I certainly do not have one (but am very interested to buy!) so I messed my mom's wardrobe in hope of getting treasure. Surprisingly, there's this piece that went quite well with my theme. Oh by the way, I've forgotten to draw a peace sign on my wrist! :( 

Planning a colorful shooting with cotton candy, long striped socks, blush-pink cheeks and pony tail, hope it turns out great! :) 

love, M

Dreams - just believe.


Finally bought an asymmetrical skirt from Taiwan. Paired it with a floral singlet and put on my DIY headband! Anyway, I don't really love editing indoor pictures because no matter how hard I try correcting the color and brightness, they still look weird to me. 

My trial on the addition of clouds to the picture doesn't really go well, but I think I'm just gonna settle at this because the work is too tedious (or maybe there's actually a swift way to do? Do tell me!). 

A different version of this picture can be found here.

With higher contrast. 

Still, I think self-shooting is very challenging, but fun in a way! :) Happy Sunday, lovelies! 

love, M

One Fine Day at The Field.


It was a really beautiful evening at the field with Cheyenne and Jia Wei. I was so amazed that Malaysia has such beautiful place! Uploaded quite a lot this time, because I simply snapped too much! Would like to express my gratitude towards the two lovely friends of mine, for making the evening just a tad bit more wonderful, for the laughter, and for the joy of photoshooting! 

Cheyenne didn't want her face to be shown, so for most (almost all) of the pics you will only see her beautiful hair! :) 

Cheyenne and Jia Wei! 

By the way, the dedicated assistant took a lot of candids. She's just the best best assistant! If you want her help, find me first, I'm her boss, HAHAHA! :P

Till then.

love, M