Hippie-inspired Shoot.

I'm clearing off my shooting list, so today I decided to give hippie a try. Being a lazy girl means getting average pictures - I do agree there's nothing new in this post. It'd look so much better being done outdoor, with more props like guitar, tribal clothes and all. Speaking of tribal outfits, I certainly do not have one (but am very interested to buy!) so I messed my mom's wardrobe in hope of getting treasure. Surprisingly, there's this piece that went quite well with my theme. Oh by the way, I've forgotten to draw a peace sign on my wrist! :( 

Planning a colorful shooting with cotton candy, long striped socks, blush-pink cheeks and pony tail, hope it turns out great! :) 

love, M

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4 Responses to “Hippie-inspired Shoot. ”

  1. happens to stumble upon your old blogpost, heeeh. May I know where to you get the letter 'M' from? :)

    1. I got it from Typo in Pavilion! They have branches in Singapore as well :)

  2. Really love all the things u bought, it's just so me haha. *if u know what I mean ;)*

    Thank you so much!!❤