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A week came and went. Stepping in April, we're overwhelmed with revisions! Just right before that crazy examination period, I will be heading to Oxford and Cambridge by the end of this week for some fresh air. I'm sure I'll have a great time, I wish you the same! 

#1. Marks and Spencer has the most beautiful flowers! It's been long I've bought this pale pink home. 

#2. Aztec prints haven't yet got out of my mind. Nothing beats a combo of it and pastel. This will definitely be brought home as my Summer wear! 

#3. Believe it or not, we have the most unpredictable weather here in the UK. It's even more unstable than a woman's swing! This afternoon I sat back in my room and saw snowflakes dancing around. For God's sake, it's almost April! 

#4. Doing the typical Asian pose in my new beige jacket. I though highly doubt if I would ever have the chance to wear it here! It's freezing. 

#5. Another treasure from Sunday's shopping! I love the small cut on the shoulders. 

#6. Floral hair clip from Claire's. I'm definitely thinking of having more hair styles. Screw the lazy particles in me! 

#7. Not very sure if I had posted this carousel before, but I really love it! 

#8. In anticipation of my return in 2 months time, I start collecting gifts for my loves. White works well on anything. 

#9. Pain Au Chocolat for next day's breakfast. It drives me to... wake up! 

#10. Visited the music room and played some notes after a really long time. I miss filling the room with melodies and my family's concentration and claps that followed. 

#11. Recently my hands got very dry. Fortunately, Vaseline came to the rescue. Speaking of hands, I actually love those with protruded veins (which means I love mine a lot hahaha!). 

#12. Grapes cost a bomb! Still, a very healthy snack. 


#13. Current favorite song - Wonderful Tonight. Best listened at night, on your bed, where there is nobody but you, where your mind has somebody but you somehow can't tell why.  

#14. We had accommodation inspection last Friday and I'm so happy that the inspector thought we're the best house among all! 

#15. Bonding time with Mr. Teddy. Can't tell you how much I love it! 

Have a lovely day ahead x 

love, M

Friday, I'm in love!


This week's Friday, I'm in love will see me featuring a really inspiring lady from Singapore - Fiona Sng. She's so good at capturing portraits (especially pretty models), making me want so badly to do photography for a living. Trust me, you will love her pictures as much as I do! Craving for a collaboration with this inspiring photographer! You can visit her site [here].

love, M



Nothing major going on lately, the same routine almost every simple day: classes, work, and gatherings with friends in between. I especially appreciate some precious personal time when classes end earlier and I go home hiding myself under the duvet for a bit then reading my favorite blogs with the company of my favorite playlist. We can go so productive doing things we love! 

#1. Finally scrapped up the last bit of this delicious strawberry jam and decided that the jar looks pretty cool to be collected. 

#2. Streaming pages and watching dramas during free time. I think I over pampered myself! 

#3. Homemade sandwiches make me happy. A sense of accomplishment always follows after the first bite! 

#4. Restructured my shelf because I was bored like that. 

#5. Extra highlight to this dead rose which is the first in the basket! Hopefully more colors to come. 

#6. Spring has come but I don't get the warmth at all. Knitwear is still the ultimate staple. 

#7. Very reluctant to start my Law assignment, not something a Business student would like! 

#8. Cold days just make you go aaah, let's just not wash the hair today again

#9. One of my favorite pieces from the boyfriend. 

#10. Pinterest go live. 

#11. Snatched this mustache fabric from Primark at only £8! I can see myself pairing it with tights and sneakers. 

#12. Bought this months ago but never really started shooting. Settling the battery issue today and hopefully film photography embraces me once again with open arms! 

#13. The locals just aren't afraid of cold! All stores already had Spring and Summer outfits on display. I add this to my denim collection. Loving the pale blue! 

#14. My new canvas shoes with laces! H&M flats are so affordable and pretty! 

#15. Picking this floral shorts out soon! It's a gift from my sister.

Going to spend the rest of the afternoon eating pizzas and catching on dramas. You can view all my Lately posts [here]. Happy mid-week!

love, M

Gear: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm portrait lens; Editing: Photoshop Actions, Disposable Film  

London - bound.


If you ask for an opinion, I would rank London before Paris and other top cities (have yet to explore NYC though!). Despite having been there for a couple of times, it embraced me with different surprises each. From the new street performances thrown below London Eye to the ever-changing weathers and seasons, London is never the same, and that's what drives me into visiting and wandering again and again. 

You can check my previous posts on London [here][here] and [here]! The first two was dated 2011 (oooh my old blog!). I added a [food post] featuring good food in the UK as well :)  

New in tulips for my room! 

Mini London in my room during Spring time! 

And... A short video I made for my London day trip!

Have a great week ahead x

love, M

Gear: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm portrait lens + Tamron 10-24mm wide angled lens; Editing: Photoshop Actions, Vintage Film Effect + Photoshop Curve, Ambers + Photoshop Curve, Rivers and Rain