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Treasures from Christmas shopping.


Last week's Christmas shopping was such a fruitful one! I see myself getting lovely pieces I adore so much. We loitered around Zara and the prices just got me retaining all my cash. Ended up at Primark and we were so happy: cozy knitwear as cheap as £7! The girls grabbed several lovely tees and I stuck to my love for knits. I can't stop looking at the heart-shaped jumper in sweet mint! Not forgetting the one behind in pastel aztec prints (sucking aztec lately!)... Threw a beige chunky scarf to my cart too, just so my face would look smaller proportionately, hahaha! 

Shoes at home. 

Crazily cheap socks. 

Snowball love!

I found this treasure! It's too good to be true. I'm gonna get myself a decaffeinated one soon, so I can drink coffee anytime anywhere! 

Polka dots tights. I bought a heart-shaped one last month but accidentally torn it. Guess these dots do the same :) 

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday, sweets! x

love, M

Xmas essence in the air!


You should expect more and more posts on the enchanting Christmas! 

After what felt like a "decade" of week, we decided to pamper ourselves with a short trip to the city center. It started out with an initial intention of getting the sexy German donuts but transformed completely to a girls-day-out for an absolutely enjoyable shopping spree! I truly enjoyed the night, and the Christmas decoration just got so interesting! 31 days to the big day, and you know what... I'm visiting Paris next month! You can tell I'm so thrilled :) 

He is blind, but the music he played was really wonderful! I didn't get to record Yesterday, I love it so much! This is Love Me Tender, with my funny friends trying to interrupt! ;) Wish you could still grasp what he's playing!  

Have a happy weekend!

love, M

Feature: Fashion Blogs.


Although I ain't really into fashion (you can tell from the way I dress and look), I really enjoy reading fashion blogs. Every time I do, I get amazed and envied! Honestly, there're just so many styles I've never thought of, and the lovely fashionistas just always are able to play with mix and match in dolling up and the end results are always so eye-catching! I especially love exploring their fall outfits, with numerous beautiful layers overlaid on top of each other and classic oxfords/ leather boots coming out to play. Hereby I recommend you some of my ultimate favorites. I'm especially a big big fan of Flashes of Style! Click on the pictures to be directed to the blogs. 

I wish you had a lovely read! Cheers x

PS: Tell you a secret... I want to be like them one day :) 

love, M

Christmas goodies.

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Buying christmas gifts for myself seems like a completely legitimate thing to do. I gave in the moment I saw these wonderful christmas goodies! After all, it comes only every 365 days. Reading my [christmas post last year], I realize my xmas shopping craze this time round of the year got so much under control! I'm now already planning to send some loves back with beautiful christmas cards and gifts. Oh friends, check your post boxes regularly!  

What do you want for christmas? :) 

love, M

Christmas is around the corner!


The christmas aroma just gets stronger by day! After some dreadful days of staying in, I finally decided to stroll round the city with friends to explore the annual German Christmas Market. I must say it's so wonderful! Listening to christmas songs that lingered at every corner of the streets, we shared a fat German sausage with abundance of rich sauces and mini donuts that tasted like heaven! The little christmas toys like miniature snow houses and striped lollies are simply too lovely I wanted to buy 'em all. Oh, how I love a romantic white christmas... Like seriously, what doesn't go well with white?! (Hair, hahaha) 

I truly apologize for the picture quality. As I mentioned over and over again, I can't capture without the sun! 

To help you differentiate, see how much better a picture can go with the presence of sun!! 

Hitting the library tomorrow (hopefully). If only it'd be appropriate to bring a camera there! I like [this photo] so much! :)

love, M



Greatly inspired by Bonnie to do Lately posts. I'm really loving the idea! 

#1. Lovely piece I found in Claire's. Sad that it's always being hidden underneath my thick sweaters! 

#2. Madly addicted to Cheerioz, the cereals that certainly cheer me up in many ways. 

#3. Lonely yellow leaf that dropped by my window the other day. I said Hi and he said it's cold out there. 

#4. Fat toes finally having access to light and air after hours of warm socks wrap. 

#5. My breakfast going all butterish with this soft golden pastry. Oh how could I possibly forgotten to mention my daily dose of caffeine?! 

#6. Still a primary student at heart. Goodbye, shoulder pain and bag-dropping hassle.

#7. Cozy knitwear is just the loveliest staple of winter closet. 

#8. Admiring postcards bought wherever I went. Clifton Suspension Bridge must be my fave. 

#9. Fall-winter transition is so swift it got me choking... 

#10. Vintage loafer, the ultimate treasure! I got so regret wearing them on a rainy yesterday! 

Lately, I have also been busy with my studies, skyping and catching up with love and family in between. I cook, I sleep, I talk to my teddy. 

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday ahead x 

love, M