Espresso fix at Plan B.

I guess it's almost one of the last afternoons I could spend with my all time two favorite ladies - mom and sis. My mother and I always share the same love for coffee, while my sis enjoys her milkshakes/ coco for children (hahaha!). The heat of Plan B has settled down finally, I remember how Foursquare's overwhelmed with P.B's check-ins months ago. There're not many coffees that I can actually find fantastic, but for Plan B's, it's a definite ohm ohm. Not only the aroma's much stronger than any usual coffees, the coffee tastes really genuine and... sexy! The problem with most Lattes is that the milk portion is a bit too much, prolly because it's cheap. Plan B's Latte comes in small amount, but precious for its every drop! 

I think their food's not bad too! I love the vietnamese noodle they serve :) If you consider trying, do visit  the Bangsar branch! I think it's the best among all. 

Macadamia brownie you'll think every midnight. 

All in all, it's a very wonderful afternoon with 'em. Would certainly miss moments like this! 

love, M

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