One Fine Day at The Field.

It was a really beautiful evening at the field with Cheyenne and Jia Wei. I was so amazed that Malaysia has such beautiful place! Uploaded quite a lot this time, because I simply snapped too much! Would like to express my gratitude towards the two lovely friends of mine, for making the evening just a tad bit more wonderful, for the laughter, and for the joy of photoshooting! 

Cheyenne didn't want her face to be shown, so for most (almost all) of the pics you will only see her beautiful hair! :) 

Cheyenne and Jia Wei! 

By the way, the dedicated assistant took a lot of candids. She's just the best best assistant! If you want her help, find me first, I'm her boss, HAHAHA! :P

Till then.

love, M

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6 Responses to “One Fine Day at The Field. ”

  1. soooo beautiful omggggg!! ♥♥♥ yes boss! :P

    1. (Jia Wei)

      Wah, really? Thanks a lot! ♥ Hahaha, boss that doesn't pay wages! :P Thanks for the Chatime, it tasted extra nice that day :)


    those pictures are stunning!
    where is that in Malaysia? Penang? :)

    beautiful use of lighting!

    1. (V and V)

      Thanks so much, dear! Yeah, it's in M'sia, but Shah Alam, Selangor! Actually an abandoned place :P

  3. Shah alam selangor? No WAYYYY I stay at setia alam I guess it's sorta shah alam but I've never seen that place before! Care to share where is it? Heh hahah

    1. (Xinnie)

      Oh hahaha, Shah Alam is big, my dear! :P It's in Kota Kemuning, there're a lot of abandoned fields there. You know Cheyenne? You might ask her about this exact location because she stays there :)