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Bits of 2012 + Free photoshop curve giveaway!


All in all, 2012 has been fantastic. From left to right are pictures taken over the year, starting with January ending with December (tell me which is your favorite by month!). 2012 is also a year I gained a whole new perspective on photography, and I am always grateful for all the lovely people I meet along the way. 

To show my appreciation for your constant support and kind words, I decided to make an end-of-year gift - free preset! This pastel curve is a little similar to the [enhancing action] I shared months ago, but this is much more light and dreamy as I tuned down the contrast and added the fade effects. You can always lower the opacity of the curve if you think it's too bright! 

Download Photoshop Pastel Curve, Pastelle [here].



Other examples. 

If you encounter any problems with the curve, leave me a comment so I can assist you. 

Happy New Year, lovelies! x

love, M

Paris Part II - Disneyland.


The visit to Disneyland was the highlight of the trip, because it's my favorite part! I had once been to the Disneyland in Hong Kong but it didn't feel as magical as this. I took two rides with friends and proceeded walking around capturing all the wonders. I really really loved how the whole land's decorated! It's a total heaven for kids. The night show was absolutely unforgettable, I was beyond amazed.

Anyway, this is also the last part for my Paris trip, I wish you enjoyed the pictures so far! 

I'm visiting Cornwall later this week for a host program. I realize lately I have gotten too obsessed with editing and it's not hard to realize my pictures are getting more and more artificial. I'm trying to keep a balance and I really do not want to forget what I had been seeking in photography. I will probably go back to light, soft and more original processing for the upcoming pictures :) Cheers! x

love, M

Gear: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm portrait lens + Tamron 10-24mm wide angled lens; Editing: Photoshop Actions, Goldfinch + Photoshop Curve, Ambers + Photoshop Actions, Honeybear