Paris . . . According to iPhone.


iPhone's interpretation... Calling the fascinating Paris this time! As a sequel to my travel log by film, here's to a new perspective from my handy cell, perfect especially for dimmed and narrow dining areas. So far we explored Angelina Cafe and Laduree, and hopped to get the world's best macarons from Pierre Hermé. My favourite part of the trip? The company of course. 

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love, M
Gear: iPhone5; Editing: Picfx

Analogue Journal: Paris.


My sister came to the UK to visit me this week so of course it was mandatory to bring her to somewhere beautiful for a perfect getaway. Paris became my top pick eventually - I feel I hadn't explored enough the last time I was here! We were blessed with four full days of sunlight and all places looked splendid. This time I left my SLR home and loitered with my film baby. 

Pictures from my phone next! And don't worry, I did not leave Rome post behind. It will be up real soon, this I can promise xx 

love, M

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Gear: Canon AE-1; Film: Kodak Portra + Kodak Ektar; Editing: None



Have always been dreaming of Venice! It felt so surreal as we comfortably settled ourselves in the gondola and adored the scenic view, like a fairytale came true. Romantic and tranquil, just what I will always fancy. Also the coloured houses in Burano are like the cutest structures on Earth! Oh Venice, you had me at hello... 

love, M
Gear: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm portrait lens; Editing: Photoshop Action, Valencia