Nothing major going on lately, the same routine almost every simple day: classes, work, and gatherings with friends in between. I especially appreciate some precious personal time when classes end earlier and I go home hiding myself under the duvet for a bit then reading my favorite blogs with the company of my favorite playlist. We can go so productive doing things we love! 

#1. Finally scrapped up the last bit of this delicious strawberry jam and decided that the jar looks pretty cool to be collected. 

#2. Streaming pages and watching dramas during free time. I think I over pampered myself! 

#3. Homemade sandwiches make me happy. A sense of accomplishment always follows after the first bite! 

#4. Restructured my shelf because I was bored like that. 

#5. Extra highlight to this dead rose which is the first in the basket! Hopefully more colors to come. 

#6. Spring has come but I don't get the warmth at all. Knitwear is still the ultimate staple. 

#7. Very reluctant to start my Law assignment, not something a Business student would like! 

#8. Cold days just make you go aaah, let's just not wash the hair today again

#9. One of my favorite pieces from the boyfriend. 

#10. Pinterest go live. 

#11. Snatched this mustache fabric from Primark at only £8! I can see myself pairing it with tights and sneakers. 

#12. Bought this months ago but never really started shooting. Settling the battery issue today and hopefully film photography embraces me once again with open arms! 

#13. The locals just aren't afraid of cold! All stores already had Spring and Summer outfits on display. I add this to my denim collection. Loving the pale blue! 

#14. My new canvas shoes with laces! H&M flats are so affordable and pretty! 

#15. Picking this floral shorts out soon! It's a gift from my sister.

Going to spend the rest of the afternoon eating pizzas and catching on dramas. You can view all my Lately posts [here]. Happy mid-week!

love, M

Gear: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm portrait lens; Editing: Photoshop Actions, Disposable Film  

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18 Responses to “Lately. ”

  1. Always love the little things u collected, especially the 'I have a dream' ring!!! max love for ze ring ❤❤❤

  2. I think am gonna stick a misai on my wall too. cute!

    1. Heh, you definitely should! Cheers my day x

  3. I love your shoes :)

  4. Hi there, just a quickie, how did you print out your own photos like that? :-)thanks so much!

    1. I just bought photo papers and printed using normal printer :)

  5. I love your every day impressions so much!

  6. Hello! I found your blog few days ago and I must tell you that I love it! It's simple and very easy to read.. and the photos... they are amazing ! :) I have my own 'pinterest board''s great :)

    1. Aw, you're so sweet! Thanks for your kind words, wanna see your 'pinterest board' too! xx

  7. Hi Man D,

    I love your photos. It´s so sweet.... I use one of them in may lasta post in my blog: