Friday, I'm in love!

This week's Friday, I'm in love will see me featuring a really inspiring lady from Singapore - Fiona Sng. She's so good at capturing portraits (especially pretty models), making me want so badly to do photography for a living. Trust me, you will love her pictures as much as I do! Craving for a collaboration with this inspiring photographer! You can visit her site [here].

love, M

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4 Responses to “Friday, I'm in love!”

  1. SO gorgeous mandy!

    Loving the fashion photography of her work!

    Great feature!


    1. Yes indeed! She's so great. Thanks, love! xox

  2. Omg Mandy, I only JUST managed to check my blogger ): I've been so insanely busyyyyy oh dear. AND OMG YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY SWEET PLEASE, it's such an honor! I wouldn't mind it of course, thank you so so much!

    and yes, a collaboration is A MUST!! You're coming back to M'sia soon right! :D :D

    1. Aw no problem! I'm so glad you replied :) Very inspired by your work, especially your recent ones! You're always so sweet. Meeting you is so exciting xx Yes I'm back by June, heh.