Feature: Fashion Blogs.

Although I ain't really into fashion (you can tell from the way I dress and look), I really enjoy reading fashion blogs. Every time I do, I get amazed and envied! Honestly, there're just so many styles I've never thought of, and the lovely fashionistas just always are able to play with mix and match in dolling up and the end results are always so eye-catching! I especially love exploring their fall outfits, with numerous beautiful layers overlaid on top of each other and classic oxfords/ leather boots coming out to play. Hereby I recommend you some of my ultimate favorites. I'm especially a big big fan of Flashes of Style! Click on the pictures to be directed to the blogs. 

I wish you had a lovely read! Cheers x

PS: Tell you a secret... I want to be like them one day :) 

love, M

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4 Responses to “Feature: Fashion Blogs. ”

  1. i want to be like them too :( lol i wish i have a super good fashion sense

    1. (Melissa Cynthia)

      Yeah right! They're just so inspirational! *.*


  2. Hey, nice post...love the way you have presented the whole story...it's
    always good to read and get to know quality stuff...

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    1. (Sandeep verma)

      Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you love it!