Greatly inspired by Bonnie to do Lately posts. I'm really loving the idea! 

#1. Lovely piece I found in Claire's. Sad that it's always being hidden underneath my thick sweaters! 

#2. Madly addicted to Cheerioz, the cereals that certainly cheer me up in many ways. 

#3. Lonely yellow leaf that dropped by my window the other day. I said Hi and he said it's cold out there. 

#4. Fat toes finally having access to light and air after hours of warm socks wrap. 

#5. My breakfast going all butterish with this soft golden pastry. Oh how could I possibly forgotten to mention my daily dose of caffeine?! 

#6. Still a primary student at heart. Goodbye, shoulder pain and bag-dropping hassle.

#7. Cozy knitwear is just the loveliest staple of winter closet. 

#8. Admiring postcards bought wherever I went. Clifton Suspension Bridge must be my fave. 

#9. Fall-winter transition is so swift it got me choking... 

#10. Vintage loafer, the ultimate treasure! I got so regret wearing them on a rainy yesterday! 

Lately, I have also been busy with my studies, skyping and catching up with love and family in between. I cook, I sleep, I talk to my teddy. 

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday ahead x 

love, M

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9 Responses to “Lately. ”

  1. i really love all the photos! i admire you! you are so talented. i also love your outfits, especially your sweater and your shoes! have a nice day in England, Mandy!

    1. (Aloysia Adinda Nareswari)

      Aw, thanks love! You're so sweet :) I love them so much too! Have a beautiful day ahead x

  2. Lovely photos, I love your style! :)

  3. you're my inspiration mandy !! i love every picture you take <3 and i tought you're using canon lol

    1. (Mellisa cynthia)

      Awww, thank you! Appreciate the kind words :) Oh no, I've always been a Nikon loyalist! ;)

      Have a lovely day xx

  4. Oh I love your post !!
    look o peaceful and beautiful <3
    What camera do you use? Can you tell me :)))

    1. (Chui')

      Aw, thank you thank you love!

      I'm using a Nikon D7000 :)