Adelaide is definitely my favourite stop in Australia! The slow and peaceful pace of living just won my heart. Not to even mention beautiful views everywhere, especially the remote areas with rolling hills and narrow ways. Also I was very thankful to be able to spend time with my family and we certainly had a great bonding time. Till then! 

Pictures sequence: Glenelg Beach - Barossa Valley - Hahndorf - Cleland Wildlife Park - University of Adelaide

Part I: Melbourne
Part II: Sydney 
Part III: Adelaide 

love, M

Gear: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm portrait lens + Tamron 10-24mm wide-angled lens; Editing: Photoshop Curve, Twilight + Photoshop Curve, Pastelle + Photoshop Curve, Rivers and Rain 

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  1. Your pictures are honestly so pretty! Loves xx

  2. So strange to see my hometown through the eyes of a visitor! I love it! Glad you had a nice time :)

    1. Your town is amazing! Hope you have a great day in the sun xx

  3. Wow..!!! love all the pictures you've taken..^^

  4. Amazing photos once again! Love the sunset shots :DD

    xx Mandy

  5. this is too breathtaking! you really have a good skill! waiting for the next next next post!

  6. Love reading your blog and instagram! :)

  7. lovely photos especially for the sunset view! :)
    please update more and more and more! hehe :3