Paris . . . According to iPhone.

iPhone's interpretation... Calling the fascinating Paris this time! As a sequel to my travel log by film, here's to a new perspective from my handy cell, perfect especially for dimmed and narrow dining areas. So far we explored Angelina Cafe and Laduree, and hopped to get the world's best macarons from Pierre Hermé. My favourite part of the trip? The company of course. 

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love, M
Gear: iPhone5; Editing: Picfx

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  1. I'm always so excited to check out your posts!

  2. my gosh! even with phone, you snap so professional! really love your travel diary! It's like, I'm travelling the world too :) Hope that your wish to complete Europe go so smoothly :) keep writin!

  3. Seriously amazing! It's such a dreamland! :') Hope you travel more so there will be more photos. :D

  4. You're great, having such a true heart.


    I miss you.

  5. I miss you. Why you leave... I really wish to meet you but this would not happen . Your photos are awesome , is all what i want to capture. Thank you for inspired me , Mandy. Rest in peace, mandy tan jing wei jiejie. I really miss you but why god are so cruel. Why god took you , wish you're still good in another world. This is so heartbreaking for everyone that know you. I feel sad that i can do anything for this and i can just typing here. I felt proud when i knew that you're malaysian too , that time i was so happy and wishing when can meet you or even see you in street or any places but seems this wish shouldn't happen. Although you leaved , but you'll always in our heart. Forever and always , Thankyou for inspired me , thankyou for awesome photos , thankyou for letting me know how to improve in photography skills. I REALLY MISS YOU , MANDY TAN JING WEI jiejie, REST IN PEACE . but i wonder why you , not others.

    Thankyou for inspired me , we miss you.

    1. I just found out about this while suddenly remember her and passing hereby.
      Its so heart breaking news. May i know what happened to mandy?

      She is a very talented young girl which is so inspiring.
      I do miss her awesome photos and stories, may she rest in peace.

  6. Dear Mandy jiejie,
    Although we weren't that close, but you're a really friendly person that make me want to know you and be your friend. Thanks for replying the comments I leave on your post, thanks for answering my message for u in Facebook, thanks for accepting my friend request in Facebook (I know it's a quite common thing happened in Facebook but your acceptance made my day!) , thanks for following me in Instagram and liked my photos and commented in my photos, thanks for following me in blogger too. Everything you did to me and everyone was greatly inspired. Will never forget how you shared your photoshop curve and actions for everyone. You're a creative blogger & instagrammer. Now, we had lose the chance to see more beautiful pictures from you. Thank you for inspiring us, you will be missed, stay forever in our heart. God bless you and your family.

  7. Mandy, I still can't believe I can no longer have that excited feeling whenever you update this blog. You just inspired me and so many others so incredibly much and you and your photos have such a huge impact. I seriously feel so sad that you're gone. You'll always be my no.1 inspiration and you're a really nice and amazing person. We miss you badly.

  8. Mandy, I miss you :(
    How are you doing there?
    Sometimes when I check your instagram and twitter and still hoping to see your usual updates.

  9. Whenever I saw some cute vintage stuff, I think of you.
    Whenever I saw girls with good badminton skills, I think of you.
    Whenever I saw vintage photos, I think of you.
    Whenever I find it hard to make decision, I think of you.. But I will never be able to get your reply anymore.
    Mandy, are you doing well there?
    I miss you. <3

  10. Delightful photos - and that looks like a perfect afternoon tea :)

  11. I miss Paris! Your trip looks so much fun :)


  12. love your photos! Love your film camera:)

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  14. It's been 1 year since you last gone, miss you and your photos/blog post updates so much <3

  15. Suddenly remembered you. Miss you Mandy <3

  16. It's been 6 years and I still get overwhelmed thinking that you are no longer here with us. I know this blog would be rockin' with all the new technologies we have today. I always turn to this blog whenever I felt demotivated back in 2013 bcs you were a great storyteller and always inspires me. I miss you Mandy, rest in peace <3

  17. Suddenly thought of you and revisit your blog. Still can't accept that you're gone although I don't know your personally. Hope you're doing good over there <3