Lately . . . According to iPhone.

These were taken awhile back in my university compound, and can I say I truly miss the Autumn beauty... 

Cafes hopping it was! I absolutely love having chatters over coffee with my favourite people. The sweet ambiance and the soothing melodies are energy banks fuelling me to brave through the coming days! 

Not quite sure if I had mentioned I have a thing for breakfasts... What's more rewarding than preparing your own? 

Lately I have been hiding a little too much. Blissful to transform the sheet into a burrito of comfort while listening the rain ticks outside! 

Redecorated my board with polaroids from Stephanie.

Last Christmas I gave them my hearts! 

Something from Venice. Handcrafted... I have faith in my choice. 

Receiving loves! 

Here and there, in Bristol. Many seconds were spent waiting the bus, strolling the fat streets, buying bubble teas and more and more... Sometimes it takes awhile to step back and notice the beauty in all ordinary moments. 

A tiny percentage of Instagram pictures posted in 2013. 

I will get done with my mid-sems  real soon, so hopefully more updates to come xx

love, M

Gear: iPhone5; Editing: Picfx 

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8 Responses to “Lately . . . According to iPhone. ”

  1. I literally love your blog. My favourite of all time especially for pictures. I miss Autumn too, you really seem to have captured it x

  2. Your pictures are some of my favourites, that I have seen!! I love checking out every post and using your pictures for inspiration and ideals for where I would like to take my photography! (I'm far from there!).

  3. hi really adore your photos :)

    may i know what filter do you use in picfx?

    thank you :)