At the end of our winter vacation at Italy we stopped by Berlin for a couple of days. I would say I am not a city person when it comes to documenting moments. Indeed the Brandenburg Gate was spectacular but given a chance I will almost always pick rolling hills or crashing waves by the beach. Nonetheless we had the best food at Germany! The roasted ham hock, German sausages, crepes and donuts justify my gain in kilograms. But really, how can you get over with these delicacies especially at the most romantic German markets?! I could look at those fairy lights lining up the streets forever! 

love, M
Gear: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm portrait lens; Editing: Photoshop Action, Valencia 

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6 Responses to “Berlin. ”

  1. Your photos are always beautiful

  2. Beautiful photography! I love Germany in winter :-) I was very sad when I learned I couldn't visit Cologne this year. We always go the the Christmas markets . xo

    1. Thank you! Me too, the Christmas markets are bombs! Regret to know that, but you can always go back so don't worry! :)