Food Photography Tips.

Here's to my turn again at Here Comes The Sun Blog as a contributor! This week I shared some food photography tips which I hope will be of interest to you :) You can check out the full post [here]

#1. Angles

Most foods are best taken from top. Don’t be afraid to stand and take in the whole table setting! Though, foods like pancakes look better taken sideway to display the layers.

#2. Composition

Try placing your plate in the middle and the cutleries scattered randomly around. Alternatively, everything can be arranged very neatly. Keep trying new compositions and you’ll surprise yourself! However, make sure to clear unnecessary items off the frame (e.g. phones, dirty napkins, etc.).

#3. Walk Around

Many cafes have foods beautifully displayed at the counter so don’t miss the chance to capture. There are no rules stating you can only take pictures of foods that are on the table!

#4. Natural Light

If possible, get seats near windows/doors so you will be blessed with abundance of pretty sunlight that will certainly make your food look better. Bet you wouldn’t want to get a dark and grainy picture captioned ‘breakfast’!

#5. Phone & Apps

Due to the fact that most cafes and restaurants have narrow spaces between seats and bulky cameras are a little inappropriate for dining, phones always come in handy for food photography. Snap a picture away is just so easy. Further edit it with your favorite apps and be ready to share to the world!

#6. Be Creative

Hold your cuppa elegantly, capture your friend trying out the food, take pictures of food already eaten halfway… Just anything you can think of! Food photography is so interesting if applied creatively!

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love, M

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  1. Thank you for these lovely tips. I adore messing around with angles and have been thinking about adding recipes to my blog, so these tips will come quite handy. Cheers to you!

    1. Yes new angles = new surprises! So glad you love the tips xx

  2. Great tips! Thanks for these. :D

  3. I do love food photography..
    Thank you Mandy for the tips..^^

  4. u make the food look extra nicer! haha

    Heaven Knows