Lately. . . According to iPhone.

[Cafe 01: Theoc House]
We stumbled upon this vintage cafe when hunting so desperately for food. I really love the thoughtful set up, especially the white English furniture that I can't pass up forever! 

[Cafe 02: The Birdcage] 
"Yesterday's clothes, today's coffee, tomorrow's music..." How appropriate! On my day off, I took my films for scanning and saw this ol' skool coffee shop conveniently sitting next. Of course I bumped in the first second and got a shortcake. The ambiance was simply lovely! 

A little here and there... My processed films // Bricks love // Apples // Forever chasing the Sun // Streets of London // My polka tote bag

A little too remote, but still accessible. So excited I couldn't even... when I saw all the cottages by the river. We laughed the whole road down and took pretty pictures. The fat sheep were stirred by my desperate capture but I continued chasing them in circles! 

Here I was, again. Never got too bored of this tranquil village because I had the best companions. We spent almost three hours rolling on the chesil beach when a normal traveller could do it in one. I am so thankful for all these crazy people around, and I wish this year never had to pass so swiftly. Now I long for Saturdays more than ever! On a side note, the clouds spread to a pink/yellow canvas on our way back in train. So beautiful I didn't dare to blink! 

Have a great week ahead x

love, M

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  1. The cafe you went is so beautiful! I can almost feel the atmosphere in those shops while looking at your pictures!! Hope you have a great week too!! :)

  2. Amazing instagram account! really :)