Quite an overdue Lately post! 

#1. Bought a new white table from Ikea and started snapping away. White is my world, my world is white. 

#2. I was advised to not take too much cakes and pastries by my doctor so I took oats instead. Not too bad of a choice with the addition of berries! 

#3. Gotten this treasure for my sister from Bugis last month. It was a really good bargain! 

#4. My brother is a little crazy when it comes to collection. He also has some mega versions that speak and sing! 

#5. My sister taught me this simple recipe and I was excited to try out. Happy toast for happy eater! 

#6. DIY paper straws to fill the glass bottle. The color's a little too light I must say! 

#7. Received this from a friend from Australia. It will play a good role when I get back to the UK

#8. Also had this cute bracelet from a friend that traveled around Eastern Europe. The watch's a little gift from my boy! 

#9. Cafe hopping with my favorite guy in Mr & Ms Cafe. Good coffee, good morning, good talk, good mate. 

#10. Some sneakers from Sneaker-Boo. I officially own the CDG pair (top). So sweet! 

love, M

Gear: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm portrait lens; Editing: Photoshop Action, Disposable Film + Photoshop Curve, Pastelle

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14 Responses to “Lately. ”

  1. Seems like Mr and Mrs Cafe is really popular! and omg nice shoes!

    xx Mandy

  2. Really like the mustache watch!!

  3. Me too! Especially the pastel blue <3

  4. Why all ur collections so cute and pretty?! Love the armcandy and the watch!!! Btw, hope u are feeling better now :)

    1. Thank you! I bet you have many beautiful pieces too :)

  5. I have no words with each and every one of your posts!!

  6. Live your pictures! So pretty xx

  7. Great photos as always. I am so glad i finally got the time to update myself what is happening on your blog. Bad wi-fi during the summer made me miss a lot. seems like u have a good time in Australia. Looking forward to more pics. By the way my twin sons came home from London yesterday. Guess what they bought me?? A Harry Potter wand at the Harry Potter museum. Not all teenagers has a Harry Potter crazy mother. Then again i might not ever grow up. Yes i love photography, travelling, flowers, strawberrys, Ben & Jerry ice cream and Harry Potter.
    Looking forward to see more photos.


    1. Thank you Sahra for dropping by again! I must say you have such lovely kids! And high 5 for strawberries and flowers :)

      Have a great day xx

  8. lovely photos as always:) btw how did you make the paper straws?

    1. Thank you! I followed this tutorial: :)