Australia on iPhone, Part II.

Hello! Just thought I'd share some remaining pictures taken in Adelaide. Perfect weather... I'm missing M'sia already though! 

love, M

Gear: iPhone 5; Editing: Eyeem + Picfx

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18 Responses to “Australia on iPhone, Part II. ”

  1. What a nice pictures..Really admire you..
    ^^. Hope someday I do some travels like you did..^^

  2. hey, your pictures are amazing!!!!!!!!!!! feeling so loved by seeing all ur pictures. may i know how u edited them?? by using photoshop or..? i download the "valarie" and the other one on ur blog but my computer cant seems to open it :(

    1. I edited these with my iPhone :) Regarding that preset, you can google 'how to load action in Photoshop' to use Valencia :)

  3. ahhh Can't get over your amazing pictures! Really hope that I can take pictures like you some day :))

    xx Mandy

  4. Just want to say that your photos are an absolute love :) <3 keep up the good work girl!

  5. Beautiful pics! The shoes are so pretty :)

  6. Always love your photographs, Mandy. You are so talented! Keep up the good work and keep inspiring us =) =)

  7. omggg gorgeous pics !!!!!! <3 <3 <3 may i know what apps do you use to filter your pictures?:))