It is always wonderful to be back to Germany, having hassle-free trips under the care of my uncle who is ever so kind and sweet! True hospitality starts with delicious homemade meals and cozy sleeping rooms. We also had so much fun exploring the little German villages. By evening we had barbecue and some cool sips, but of course before that I caught my sister for a mini shoot against the setting Sun. My little nephew, Raphael is such a sweet pie he cheered everyone in the room... I just miss everything! 

Capturing the Sun lowly setting and disappeared under the horizon and left us with beautiful twilight. 

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love, M

Gear: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm portrait lens + Tamron 10-24mm wide-angled lens; Editing: Photoshop Action, Disposable Film + Photoshop Action, Goldfinch + Photoshop Action, Twilight (coming soon)

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  1. Love all the beautiful stunning views!! Sometimes I wonder what angle do u take the photos, as in err... did u lay down on the road just to take a perfect shoot etc :)

    1. Thank you, but actually I think I am still very poor at locating great angles! My friend once told me to try angles that people will not normally think of, so maybe you can apply it, heh.

  2. Lovely!!! Hi please join my site!

  3. Amazing photos!! Love the jumping shot and the sky photos look beautiful! :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful, as usual! <3

  5. This looks awesome. I like all of your pictures of Germany and the filter/texture you have on them. It's awesome


  6. beautiful landscape <3

  7. WOW WOW WOW. These are beyond incredible. That light!! ah it's amazing. So talented :)
    -Jess x

  8. Beautiful photos, love the ones of the carousel and the ferris whee, and the sunsetl :D