Blurb Books.

It was a spontaneous idea to get myself a personal photobook to exhibit my favorite images in hard copy. Undeniably it was a little costly especially when it came to shipping to Asia but the quality amazed me beyond words! I was so in love with the matte finish on the inner pages and the clean concept of the outer cover. Blurb makes it so easy to pick and select your favorite layout. Customization is the word! 

Make your photobook [here]

love, M

Gear: Nikon D7000 + Nikkor 50mm portrait lens; Editing: Photoshop Action, Valencia (coming soon)

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3 Responses to “Blurb Books. ”

  1. Wish to own a Mandy Faith photobook too, so pretty!

    Btw, may I know will you blogged about the mini IG projector? did love to know how much does it costs, love that very much!!

    1. Aw so happy to know that! I will blog about that soon, however you can go have a peek on their site to check out the price and product first at :)

  2. I'd buy your Mandy Faith book! So pretty and inspirational! (: x