Happy Sunday!

A week came and gone, and it's gone for good! Admittedly I haven't had a great Sunday for too long, all's spent with revisions and assignments. With finals marking its full stop and Summer on the way, carefree days finally embrace me and more excitements to come! 

Attached is some pictures taken on my Paris trip. How I miss that beautiful land... Anyway, wishing you a happy Sunday, folks! 

P/S: I will have to grab a denim jacket on my shopping trip tomorrow, can't wait! 

love, M

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8 Responses to “Happy Sunday!”

  1. You have a very nice blog with amazing photography. I love the atmosphere of your photos. Thank you for sharing :-)
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    1. Thanks so much! You have a lovely day as well xx

  2. omggg,it's so nice!How to do the symbol and the shapes?may you teach me?tq:D

  3. Loving the tone & lovely picture xx <3

  4. Such a lovely idea that made me smile. Beautiful!