A picture story.

I see sometimes I'm overwhelming the site with pictures but minimal words. I'm not a good writer, nor am I a poet, but I do enjoy writing every now and then. With a glass of red wine in hand, I have this inspiration of making a new series called A Picture Story

Many have asked how do I ended up calling myself Mandy Faith. For me, it came out of nowhere. It just happened that one of my favorite Instagrammers is named Marianne Hope, and I thought she added Hope to make the name sound cooler just to realize much later that it's actually her family name. I too came across names like XX Love, etc. At that time I felt my name was really not standing out. How ordinary Mandy Tan sounds?! Just by googling millions results return. I narrowed my list into positive words, then into greatly-sounded ones. You can't possibly want a name like Mandy Bloom right? Then faith popped into my mind. 

Though Google still returns some results of somebody else named Mandy Faith (screw them, why copy me!), I love this name in many ways. It rhymes well and looks well. Faith, personally, is one of my favorite words. I like the song Shining Friends that has the starting lyrics: A little faith, brightens a rainy day... I think it's applicable to many life events! It's by holding on and having that strong belief that lead us into eternal happiness, regardless of how circumstances change. 

So my friends, have a little faith in yourself, your loves, and everything you do! 

love, M

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4 Responses to “A picture story. ”

  1. great one sis! I love the name too, suit on you really well.

  2. It's a real headache for me to come up with a nice name, I still haven't found my favourite name yet D:

    Somehow it's your interesting name that leads me to stumble across ur instagram and blog, I'm glad to meet you! *well virtually haha*

    I used to watch and love that drama too! so nostalgic, it's quite hard to find theme like this nowadays in HK drama.

    Love your photography style a lot! ❤

    1. Well, you can then start choosing a name! Heh. Maybe Irene Grace? :D Thanks for your encouraging words! <3 And yes, HK dramas are so so nice, especially the old ones!