Friday, I'm in love!

I'm always in love with little fun things bloggers do. Weeks ago, I came across [Keri-Anne]'s blog coming out a new series (or rather a sweet mini project) named Friday I'm in love. I really love the idea of her sharing those little things she loves every Friday. And come to think of it, I'm pretty demotivated to blog rewarding content lately due to my tight schedules (I'm back now I assure!), so this can also be a tool to make sure I update often :) Though, this project will see me featuring some lovely blogs and pictures which I ultimately love. 

To kick a start, today I'm bringing over my sweet friend, June's lovely captures. She's launched a photography site lately, head over [here], and I'm sure you'll love it as much I do. 

June's photos are relatively darker but they always tell a story in some ways. Her pictures are genuinely honest! B&W, street photography, emotions, coffee (say yay!!)... Just to name some of her faves. 

She too got indulged in film photography with her Mamiya. The results are absolutely fascinating, they made me regret not doing anything to mine. 

I'm pretty sure all Fridays all well spent! I'm all too excited right now for the day trip tomorrow to London. I have longed for a break since forever. Wishing you a lovely weekend! x 

P/S: Do share with me some sites you love! 

love, M

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6 Responses to “Friday, I'm in love! ”

  1. Hope I'm not too formal.. But thanks for the feature! :D

  2. aww, i am glad i inspired you!!! xxxx

    1. Gosh you inspired me in many many ways! Please continue to do xxx