2012 in squares.

Hi love! 

I apologize for the lack of updates, the past week I have been trying so hard to munch in information for my coming tests. Fortunately, I have some trips planned, so hopefully will be back with pictures soon. 

I think I did not wrap 2012 nice enough in the past post, so here a part II goes! Although it's already the 7th day of 2013, I am sure you would still love to see some bits and pieces of my 2012 collection :)

In 2012, I sucked accessories like a vacuum cleaner! These are some of my faves. 

In love with foodology? Never goes wrong!

2012 is also the year I traveled the most in my entire life, but I'm guessing 2013 will make new records. Some pictures of places I have been. 

I had photoshooting with lovely models too! I wish I could do this more often but I am too shy. Maybe a 2013 resolution then? 

Welcome 2013 with open arms! x

love, M

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18 Responses to “2012 in squares. ”

  1. i absolutely LOVE your pictures <3

  2. Beautiful work :) Really :)

  3. May I know where do u get all those accessories from? I'm so in love with all of your photos!!! :)

    It's just so beautiful and lovely, always make me goes:"oh I would like to have that cute accessories, oh those food looks so delicious or omg I really wanna go there!"

    *whisper* Can I be your photoshooting model if I have a chance to? *hehe, because I always like to try it, but sometimes I'm shy too :P

    1. (Yαи Yαи)

      Hey, thanks for your sweet words, love! I got most of the accessories from my boyfriend as gifts, he bought it from Singapore :)

      And aw, I'd definitely like to have shootings with you but unfortunately I'm currently in the UK, and won't be back to Malaysia for months :( I'm sorry! You can actually have self-shoots, it'd be fun!


  4. Ohh, that's so sweet! Do u have any favourite shop in Malaysia that you used to love? I really love all your pastel and vintage accessories, those are mainly my cup of tea haha. hope I can get one too =/

    I don't have a good quality camera like yours unfortunately. Nahh, nothing to sorry about! :)

    and can I ask 1 more question about how did you get to go to UK for your studies? Like taking A level or with scholarship etc, since I'm in a dilemma on choosing local or overseas although going overseas is kinda a dream of mine but due to some factors like financial status, I have got to make a wise decision.

    *I know it's quite a personal thing, you can just ignore this question actually :)

    1. (Yαи Yαи)

      Oh really? Thanks for liking my favorites! :) I've bought some from Sunway Pyramid's Asian Avenue. I found the online shop www.luccacal.com not bad too!

      You don't need a good camera to make a nice picture, hehe. Sometimes I think the overall feels and emotions of the pictures are what matters! ;)

      I got to study in UK because I chose a twining program in Taylor's. I'm doing a business degree so it's like one year in Taylor's and 2 years overseas. Oh if you have the chance I'd definitely suggest coming here! It's very different and it widens your horizon in all sorts of way, and you will learn to be independent, which I think is very important.

      Don't feel shy to ask! I'm more than willing to answer :)


    2. Ohh I see :D

      Yea, your photos always make my desire to go there getting stronger everyday!! But it seems quite hard for me to be able to do so since I couldn't get a scholarship for it =S

      Thanks and appreciate for the sharing! :)

    3. (Yαи Yαи)

      Thanks so much! Well maybe if you won't be coming for studies you can visit for vacation purpose during spring! It's very beautiful with all the lovely flowers blossoming :)

      Welcome and I hope you have a great day ehead!


  5. i really love ur photos! they're all so beautiful, like ur blog! xoxo


  6. Dear Mandy,

    Please continue to post more this year! There are so many people out here, including me, who absolutely loves your blog. Lots of support! :)

    1. (Anonymous)

      Aw, thank you! You're just too sweet :) I will definitely continue posting, heh.