Valerie Patisserie.

I'm not really a 'cake' person, but I certainly allow this sinful intake once in awhile. I had heard from several friends about this little cafe which serves the best cakes in town so days ago, I decided to just get spontaneous and give it a try. It feels like I'm dancing gracefully on a rainbow the whole time the cake is in my mouth! Valerie Patisserie's macaroons are to go for too, they're just at the exact sweetness!  

Recently life's been hectic but Christmas break is finding its way! I can't wait to share with you pictures of the Eiffel Tower and Paris Disneyland! x

love, M

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10 Responses to “Valerie Patisserie. ”

  1. Wow!
    It's Wonderful photos! Very delicate and tasty atmosphere!
    Happy new day to you:))
    from Ukraine.

    1. (J.J)

      Thanks for your kind words, lovely! Wishing you a beautiful day too xx

  2. I'm not able to decide what I fancy most in your pictures, those lovely slices of cake or the English flag teapot.
    I'd like to eat one of those macaroons, you know, they're look so tasty and pretty.
    Have a nice day :)

    1. (Serena)

      Aw Serena, you're so sweet! I would definitely allow you to have a try on each of 'em :) You'll not be able to decide your fav! :P

      Wishing you a sunny day ahead xx

  3. i never taste macaroon :( and i want cake !!!! >.<

    1. (Mellisa Cynthia)

      You should go get a bite! They're too good <3 Bake some yourself, hehehe! :P


  4. These photos are so light and pretty. I love them.