Birmingham and Manchester.

Oh yes... I was on the go, again! During the short study break, we pampered ourselves with a sweet trip to  Birmingham and Manchester. Birmingham's such a crazy shopping paradise. As for Manchester, it's not really up to our expectations. To got accustomed to my own lovely town of Bristol with peace and clean streets and polite people, I found it difficult to accept the weird stares some locals threw to us Asians, the dirty paths that're not at all appealing, and the hectic night life every day. Still, we had so much fun with the company. I'm loving my travel partners so much!  

This will probably be the last trip until the end of December when I'll head to Cornwall for a host program. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

love, M

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6 Responses to “Birmingham and Manchester. ”

  1. Wow Mandy!

    truly breathtaking! :)

    such beautiful photos in all your posts. You have such amazing talent in capturing a moment and highlighting the depth and beauty of a place.

    Truly inspiring.

    Seeing your blog always encourages me to keep taking photos and making the most of every opportunity!


    1. (V and V)

      Aw, why do you always have to make me feel so happy?! Thanks so much for the kind kind words. Really glad to know :)

      I wish you knew I enjoy your pictures so much too! You girls are amazing! Keep rocking. Loving your vintage posts especially :)