A little piece of me.

#1. I don't take cold coffee, unless forced with a AK-47.
#2. I hate peas, just destroy them already.
#3. I only shoot under natural sunlight, because I will never agree florescent and incandescent are as magical as sunshine.
#4. I have this stupid iPhone addiction so bad that sometimes I just feel like crashing it to pieces and get my Nokia back.
#5. I have a boyfriend and we've just passed 2.5 years of hurricanes. More to come, perhaps milder.
#6. I don't have a really close girlfriend despite years of yearning but I have a very loving sister. I guess life is fair after all.
#7. I suck at remembering faces and names.
#8. I wish to venture into portrait and fashion photography but at the time being, I still feel too shy to do so. I love collaborations too!
#9. I am a very tidy person, but not clean. There IS a difference if you don't just know.
#10. I know Taylor Swift is too mainstream but I still love her (her music to be exact) a lot. I want you to know I ain't following the trend, but my own ears.
#11. I am Chinese educated and I'm proud of that.
#12. It is an offense visiting me without informing. I don't like to reveal my face without a shower. It just feels too insecure.
#13. I am hyper sensitive. I very easily feel people disliking me although sometimes my instinct might be wrong.
#14. I like to find out myself before asking people about my doubts. I'm an introvert.
#15. I want to finish my work on that day and I can't seem to accept any grades less than distinction. It hits me badly. Society defines it as kiasu and I don't seem to comprehend how strict standard set to self relates to a competition with everybody else.
#16. I am not strong, I wet my pillows too. My soft toy is salty.  
#17. I love mornings and breakfasts, mornings and breakfasts, mornings and breakfasts. I too love waking up knowing I have no commitments for the day. Responsibilities, to a very great extent, are very tiring.
#18. I love flowers, because I feel they're smiling at me. Having said that, please smile to me, or in my dictionary you simply dislike me.

love, M

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10 Responses to “A little piece of me. ”

  1. How? this post made me more admire you... n__n#

    1. (Minyen)

      Hahaha, you're so sweet! Thank you, love <3


  2. It's really nice to know a little more about you.
    You are lovely.
    I love your simplicity, your way of seeing things and most importantly, I love your photos! :)

    1. (SandraJordanne)

      Aww, thank you, lovely! Thanks for all the kind words!


  3. You seem like such a completely genuine and lovely person! I loved reading this post.<3

    Greta xoxo

    1. (Greta)

      Haha, that's so sweet! Thanks lovely! I'm glad you love it :)

      Have a beautiful day!

      Mandy x

  4. Love this post!! Your photos are beyond inspiring but it's nice to know a little bit more about the lovely person behind the lens!
    Oh, and #12 & #13??? Totally feeling ya! Same here!!


    1. (Dawn Cosgrove)

      Aw, thank you! You're so sweet! High five to #12 ans #13 then!!