Saturday tea.

Haven't really spent a Saturday in my hostel room, since I've been happily travelling for the past weeks. There's something about Saturday that makes it special. It's the thought that you still have a day of spareness following makes it wonderful. Also, the absence of obligations (classes for me) gives opportunity to do things you haven't had time to do in weekdays - loads of housework as in my case! Although it's really tiring having to clean 2 toilets and do some heavy vacuuming, I practically enjoyed the breaks I permitted myself in between - checking friends' statuses, reading some lovely blogs, drinking tea over and over again... Oh, not forgetting, capturing and capturing! Just some things I bought last week...

Good news! I received mom's parcel of love all the way from Malaysia! She sent me my dear soft toy to be hugged at night. Now, I really don't feel that lonely anymore :) 

View from my room. It is an academic block I suppose. I shall appreciate the lush greenery (soon yellow) we have now. In 1+ month time, I will probably wake up to see bare trees, grey sky and have got to fight the chill. Oh that's too depressing! :( 

I'm planning to bring my lomo camera for a walk around the school compound tomorrow. Just wish I wouldn't be too lazy! :) 

love, M

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8 Responses to “Saturday tea. ”

  1. Your soft toy is so cute! Go shoooot w your minty!! x

    1. (Cheyenne)

      Yes, he's so teddy-ish! :P Definitely will, hehe :) Shoot with your Diana too!


  2. I love the teapot with the cup, it is so sweet! :-)

    1. (Cecilie)

      I love it too! The pastel colors are to die for!


  3. I love Saturdays, too :) I absolutely adore your tea set and that plate with cats and the soft toy is lovely ! Have a nice weekend ,

    xx Valeria

    1. (Valeria)

      High 5! Aw yes, I love them so much. Thanks lovely, I wish the same!


  4. Aww..! Where'd you get that teapot?
    Big fan of your photography! Keep it up, with simplicity! ❤

    1. (Shuenny)

      I got them from Bath :)

      Awww, thanks, lovely!! Simplicity rules, hehehe!