I will not be Taylor Swift's die hard fans, but I certainly enjoy her songs too much. In fact, she's my all-time favorite. There's this sense of originality, of playful, catchy, sweet and absolutely phenomenal melody lying in all her songs, and every time I play them, I can't help singing (at least humming) along with her. I didn't actually thought she's that good until one day I randomly downloaded all her songs in wish for some surprises. It turned out that I instantly got magnetized and I often feel amazed how a tiny fragile girl like her can have such great impact on the music industry. On a side note, my friend, June is also very influential in making me love Taylor's songs so much! :) Oh dear, do you still do?

RED was released Monday and I grabbed a copy. I wouldn't say it's bad, but it's not too surprising as what I had expected. Nevertheless, there're several songs I really like. Additionally, I really really love those photoshoots she had for this album. It's just so vintage, so her, so classic. 

True story, sis. 

Oh my earring! ;) 

I love the acoustic version of this because her voice is so pure. 

This is equally awesome too! Catchy, lively and interesting. 

My favorite song! This photo's also the best for me. I always prefer quiet and sad acoustics. 

You should go watch the music video for this song here. It's shot in Paris, and it's so romantic! But I think it'd be better with a clearer story line. Maybe some soft kiss scenes too! ;) The last line, On a Wednesday in a cafe, I watch it again again... just keeps replaying in  my head! 

The other songs are fine, but a little normal. But all in all, I love the album! :D

Some red accessories to go with the theme, hehehe! 

Cheers x

love, M

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12 Responses to “RED. ”

  1. Her direction is really different with a lot of the songs in this album but I still love her! Especially "We Are Never Getting Back Together"! And I love the vintage theme too.

    1. (Lucy)

      Oh yes! Can see she's trying new styles :) That song is da bomb! So catchy. High 5!


  2. red is sexy ! :D
    i mean the colour ! hehe
    loveeee <3

    1. (Kelly Tan Jing Hui)

      Hahaha, yeah! Like me :P


  3. not as much as i used to, "but i do". :P

  4. The photos are great. And I haven't had the time to check out the cd, but I'm going to after your post. Hope you have a great day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

    1. Thank you! Those songs are really wonderful. Wishing you a great day too xx

  5. I may be obsessed with all of it.