Keep Calm and Drink Tea.

The lovely bookstore in my university, Blackwell's doesn't only offer some core texts but also beautiful postcards and notebooks. Grabbed five cards at 40p each, planning on sending 'em off to my loved ones in my homeland, but I think I will just keep it to myself, hahaha! 

I pretty much enjoy evening shooting with things I love. No interruptions, chilly weather, hot tea, shutter. 

Also, I went on some grocery shopping with friends this afternoon and saw fairy lights sold at only a pound. I really love how the lights blur out and become beautiful bokeh when I switch the focus. 

Oh I will be sleeping to this tonight. Lovely. 

Can't wait for this weekend getaway! On a side note, I really miss my family and boy in S'pore a lot... Feel really warm every time after skyping :)

 Wishing you a lovely Thursday ahead, loves!


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