Breakfast - get started with the day.

I am not really particular when it comes to food, but I see eating breakfast as something really important and enjoying. What beats having good food to warm your stomach while viewing the sun bathing the Earth out of the window? What's more, you can have a good mug of coffee in hand that helps you kick start a long day.

Anyway, just some breakfasts I made for the past couple of days. Nothing fancy, but simple and nice! Hope to get more simple breakfast recipes :) 

love, M

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4 Responses to “Breakfast - get started with the day. ”

  1. all of them look so delicious!

    did you prepare the brownie by your own?

    1. (Ke Qian)

      They are! ;) Hahaha, I wish I could, but no, I bought 'em from Sainbury's, hehe..


  2. I like scrambled eggs, sausage, and other things like that, for breakfast. I really like breakfast foods in general.

    1. (Lucy)

      Oh yes, breakfast is to die for! Especially English breakfast and pancakes! <3