Weymouth, Dorset.

A proper update after weeks of not being able to do one. I'm finally settled down here in the UK, with my new hostel room being cleaned thoroughly and my list of to-buys getting shorter and shorter. Last week was one of the most fantastic weeks in my life, as mom brought me to travel around before school started this week. From Weymouth to London to Germany, those moments and scenery are truly unforgettable!

I'm doing this entry solely on Weymouth though. I have an amazing aunt residing at Weymouth, running a Chinese restaurant. She has this lovely dog named Sam. He's so tamed!

Went to the famous shingle beach, Chesil Beach. It's so beautiful! Instead of sand, I saw beautiful stones filling the ground. 

Momma and me picked some nicely shaped stones back :) 

We proceeded to walking around the town later that day. Weymouth is such a beautiful seaside town!

It's like a paradise! Perfect living. 

It's a short spontaneous trip anyway, but that didn't by any bit make it less interesting! I will definitely revisit! :)

love, M

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6 Responses to “Weymouth, Dorset. ”

  1. I wanna go travel tooooo!! Nice place x x

    1. (Cheyenne)

      Few more months and you're free to go! Backpack travel with Jia Wei! :D


  2. I love your blog so much! What you use to edit those photos? :)

    1. (宁宁♥)

      Thanks, sweetie! :) I edit all my photos using Photoshop :)