Rose ; Flare ; Pastel.

Just some photos I snapped over the past couple of days. The florist told me this rose is in lipstick pink. How lovely! I am always impressed by the layers (that seem infinite) that are unveiled when the flower blossoms. It's just so delicately beautiful. 

Observed this flare through the glass window yesterday evening (100% pure!). Within 10 minutes, it's gone! The sun really sets too fast. 

Asked sister to help me with a little shooting too. I feel so sorry to her for being so grumpy and impatient because I didn't get what I had expected. But I really really appreciate her help! You know I love you! :) 

If you observe closer, you can see my legs were terribly bitten by mosquitoes. My sis's too! I'm sooo sorry! 

How are you doing? I don't know if I'd have the opportunity to update frequently from now on, as school starts in a week and I'll be probably busy settling down. My friend told me it's all cold and gloomy there in UK, so I think I won't be getting good pictures too :( Still, I wish the sun came out when I arrive! :) 

All the best to whatever you do! :)

love, M

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    1. (Chintia Yin)

      Yup, just temporarily, for two years of study! :)

      - with love -