Have always been a fan of pastel! Since I haven't done pastel editing for long, decided to randomly pick some pictures taken over the past few weeks in my new room and in Weymouth to play around with the soft touch. Will upload more pictures of my room and my Weymouth trip in the next post! :) 

Thank God it's Friday!

love, M

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6 Responses to “Pastel. ”

  1. love the roses beside your window!! <3

  2. The scenery is so fake ! Very pretty :D

  3. Hey may i know what lens are good when apply at nikon d3000? :) Cus i m jus a beginner, dont want to spend so much money on slr, so i pick the cheapp one, so hm? do u think d3000 can take good pix?

    1. (Anonymous)

      Hey, yeah, I think any DSLRs will do you good so no worries! And Nikon's always one's best choice (hehehe promoting :P).

      I would suggest you go for the portrait lens f1.8 50mm as a beginner because it's affordable and yields really nice color and bokeh!