A Short One.

I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately. On one hand I'm quite busy settling my transfer next week, on the other I'm really demotivated lately. I lost out of ideas and spirit! :( But I guess I will just see where my heart takes me, never force it! :) Speaking of transfer, I just can't believe time passes that fast. Just 3 months ago I was done with my First Year finals, now I'll be studying in a foreign land in a week time. It's truly a lie if I say I ain't afraid to part with my boyfriend, my family, my homeland... Mixed feelings! Time to grow up, girl! Oh yes, like finally... after 20 years of being dependent (parasite actually). Fingers crossed! :) 

Had a lot of flat whites lately. I'm getting more and more impressed with lovely foam art. 

Did a mini indoor shoot with myself (how lonely and pathetic, hahaha!) this afternoon. Due to the fact that I just reformatted my computer, I got all my previous Photoshop actions gone. Guess I need time to build 'em all up again. At the time being, settle with this! :)

To be honest, I feel so much more comfortable using a self-timer. Maybe without the existence of others, I feel more expressive :) Oh dear, I'm sorry I'm so talkative tonight! 

love, M

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