Photoshop Free Curves!

Have been following Jtrotti for some time now, and am really impressed with the way she manages light, specifically that of nature. She finds a perfect balance between the light and dark components in a picture, and her sun flare pictures are really beautiful. 

So that day I accidentally discovered she shares free curves every Friday. How awesome! Click here to view all of 'em :) Heading out in a bit, can't wait to try the curves tonight!

Have a lovely Monday.

love, M

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9 Responses to “Photoshop Free Curves!”

  1. Hihi Man D
    I've been following you on Instagram and am in love with your pictures! I wanted to see more so I followed your blog link and eventually found myself here!

    Your photography is wonderful, so soft and whimsical.

    Can't wait to see more of your beautiful photography and your great eye for adorable things!


    1. (V and V)

      Hello dearies (I believe there're two of you? Heh)! Thanks so much for dropping by, and I can't be more grateful for you kind words!

      I'll try to update more no worries.

      Loving your pictures too! Amazing pies :) Have a lovely day!


    2. Haha, Yes, there's two of us! :)

      ah, my kind words don't do your amazing work justice!

      tehe, Thanks for looking at our work too! appreciate it!


    3. (V and V)

      Wow, that's fun! :) Aw no problem, I really love how y'guys work hard to make your work perfect!


  2. HI!!! some help here please?? I tried opening jtrotti's free curves on my cs5 but they say it's not the right kind of doc! help?? :/

    1. OH ACTUALLY. I JUST DID IT HAHAHAHAHAH OOPS. I LOVE YOUR BLOG ANYWAY!!! and I really hope I can be as good as you :(

    2. (Yingggs)

      Hahaha, so do you still need my help? :) Thanks so much!! Appreciate your kind words :)