Instagram 2 x 2.

Been long I haven't posted my Instagram collection. Kinda interesting to see everything cropped into squares, a different type of beauty I guess. Anyway, I'm hating my addiction and everyday when I see pictures uploaded by my fav. Instagrammers, I really think I do not deserve all the followers I have now. Feel so tiny (and utterly inferior) under their magical pictures... But I'm still glad they 'give me face' followed me back (hahaha). It doesn't matter at all if they unfollow in the end, because I don't have much confidence myself to hold 'em long (they'll realize one day I'm not worth it :P). 

Anyway, I'm loving the community still. There are a lot of kind people out there, round the globe! And it completely changed my photography perception. Though it's not quite the same like last time, it still continues to provide a platform for aspiring photographers to unleash their talents. 

Series #1. Vintage 

Series #2. Flowers

Series #3. Toys


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4 Responses to “Instagram 2 x 2. ”

  1. I love love love the Instagram logo at the bottom of the post ! Very very nice ! :D

    1. (kelly Tan Jing Hui)

      I know right! :P But it's not drawn by me, copied it from Google :P

  2. Love the pictures! N since u post more often in your blog than instagram I think I'll be viewing your blog more often now! :D n I LOVEE your all your photos n u definitely deserve ALL your followers. If they didn't like your pictures they wouldn't have followed u in the first place right? U have amazing pictures. Realize thar! :D

    1. (Xinnie)

      Aw, your words cheer my day, lovely! Thanks so much. Do you have a blog? I love your pictures too, and would definitely like to see more, heh :)

      Have a beautiful day!