Free curves test.

So in my previous post, I mentioned about the free Photoshop curves from Jtrotti. I have downloaded all twenty four and tested them just now. Loving it! Most look very dramatic and vibrant with high contrast, a style which I hardly touched. So today... I think I'm gonna break the rules? :) 

Dug a lot of old pictures to test. The words on the pics are the names of the curves given by Jtrotti

I hope you love them! :)

love, M

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8 Responses to “Free curves test. ”

  1. Thats a great blog! <3
    I'll try them too :)
    Thanks for sharing, Em! :D

    1. (Chintia Yin)

      Great, go try! :D No problemo!


  2. Hi there,
    first of all, I dont have a blog but I was thinking of creating one of my own but I've been too lazy to make one lol!
    but after I saw your blog, am gonna make it soon !

    I just love your blog and your photos are sooo amazing! What is your cameria by the way? I love it and I saw the pictures of Taiwan and I was telling my self .. I wanna go there! that place looks magica and I never thought it was .. by the way am from Saudi Arabia and we miss these views in our country lol

    I will start my own blog and start follwing you soon.
    Tell then, I made a request in your twtter accout for follow, my user is iWeja . :)

    Ok I wrote too much! sorry for that but am really empressed with your photos and I dont have a camera and I've been seeking to have one but its too expensive for me to afford :) I hope 2 get one inshallah

    keep up dear :)

    Good luck!

    1. (Wejdan)

      Hihi, glad you dropped by! :) So honored that you decided to make a blog after viewing. Blogging's really fun, my dear!

      I'm using a Nikon D7000. Thanks for it, Taiwan is really beautiful, you should visit it one day! Heh.

      I hope you'll get a dream camera soon and start shooting, hehee!

      It's okay. I'm so thankful for your kind words! Love love! Look forward to seeing your new blog :) Have a lovely day ahead!